Hervey/Grimes Talent Agency was founded in 1991 by Marsha Hervey & Pam Grimes. Now Smith & Hervey/Grimes, a boutique SAG franchised agency. Marsha and Pam were both personal managers before becoming agents. Julie Smith now heads the Agency & is well respected in the industry. Julie is known for represented top notch talent & maintaining close, working relationships with her clients. Smith & Hervey/Grimes Talent Agency is for & full of "working actors".

Our clients can currently be seen starring in major studio feature films like Universal's Fate of the Furious, American Sniper, Magic Mike, Lone Survivor & Paranormal Activity; the Marked Ones or in supporting roles in Gus Van Sant's Don't Worry He Won't Get Far On Foot, Inner City, Black Panther, Ant Man, The Judge, Unbroken, Jersey Boys, Django Unchained & Argo to name just a few. 

We have series regulars on shows such as Comedy Central's Awkwafina, Lifetime's UnREAL, Young & The Restless, Disney's Girl Meets World & Play By Play...

Including recurring roles on Netflix' 13 Reason's Why & On My Block, TNT's Snowpiercer, CW's DC: Legends of Tomorrow, HEATHER's, Fox's Orville, Amazon's Goliath, Starz' Vida, AMC's Fear The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, The Americans, Silicon Valley, Marvel: Agents of Shield, Kingdom, Shameless, Modern Family, Faking It, & Casual among numerous others. Our client are EMMY winner's & nominees as well. Plus the countless National commercials... You just can't turn on the TV without seeing one of our actors!

Julie Smith: "I love hearing; You're client's are SO good! from casting directors, because they are! We, the actors & myself give 110%. We know how hard it is to truly be a "working actor" & the commitment it takes on all fronts but we can only do so much, the rest is up to the actor."

Pam Grimes: "We view our association with actors as a partnership. We at Smith & Hervey/Grimes are your business partners. Our goal is to work together on your career and get you where you want [and need] to be. So when we make one phone call to the actor, needing them to get pictures, update their demo reel, etc... we don't want to have to keep calling them, it must be a priority. Again, it's a partnership, and we expect them to do as much work as they expect us to do."

Marsha Hervey: "The agency's general philosophy is that we are here to get you work. We LOVE what we do, so our clients should absolutely LOVE what they do. We're working very hard for them, and our clients do the same. If we give 100 percent, we expect our clients to give 200 percent. Having this collaboration is key and why our actors work so steadily and why we've been in business 25+ wonderful years."