Talent Agency

Hervey/Grimes Talent Agency

is for & full of "working actors"...

Our clients can currently be seen starring in major studio feature films like American Sniper, Magic Mike, Lone Survivor & Paranormal 5 or as supporting roles in Jersey Boys, Django Unchained, Argo & The Call to name just a few. We have series regulars on shows such as Lifetimes Un-Real, Disney's Girl Meets World & FX's Saint George, not to mention countless recurring roles on The Americans, Kingdom, The Brink, Shameless, Parks & Rec., Modern Family, Fakin' It, Justified & Mad Men among numerous others. Plus the countless National commercials...

You just can't turn on the TV with out seeing one of our actors...

We work very hard for our clients & we LOVE what we do!  

Marsha Hervey: Owner/Executive

Pam Grimes: Owner/Executive/Agent

Julie Smith: Agent

Jeremy Aluma: Assistiant
Drew Rutland: Assistant